Audible sigh

Earlier this week I applied for a recruitment agency and I got to a questions that asked, “Have you ever been dismissed, asked to resign or been suspended from a post?” And I let out a huge sigh. I’ve never been fired or terminated…. But I was most definitely asked to resign that one time.

But the circumstances! But the supervisor! But the environment! But! But!

Most likely, none of my “but” commentary will be heard. They will just see that big fat “yes” and decide I am unworthy of the position. Is it really even worth it to apply after knowing that I’m going to answer such a question? I finished the application anyways because I heard good things about the agency from a friend. But I fear that one question will do me in. And it’s so not fair. (Yes, I am currently pouting like a small child.)

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3 Responses to Audible sigh

  1. Manda says:

    You never know – the rest of your application might balance out your “yes” to that one question. Or perhaps they’ll ask you for further context and then decide how to approach your application from there. Obviously it’s not like I know how these things work, but may as well try to be positive about it 🙂

  2. Liz(a) says:

    Some interviewers/prospective employers will ask for further detail about answers to a questionnaire filled out prior to interaction, and then some won’t. I hope they allot you a chance to explain your buts. ❤

  3. Stephanie says:

    If I were an employer, I would allow time for “buts” if I had the time and resources for it. And in your case, the circumstances of your “but” would probably wipe out that “yes”.

    If it makes you feel better, I know someone who got hired at a competitive company right out of college despite having two Fs in his major on his college transcript. The company gave him another chance, provided that he got two good letters of recommendation from his professors. I like to think that the world is merciful, as I try to be.

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