When will it be a funny story?

Once upon a time there was a land that hired copious amounts of foreign workers. As a result, there needed to be people to handle the work visas for all the companies. There were many people offering to be in charge of filing the papers and giving the right fees to the right people. They were hired and trusted to keep every thing in order.

But some of those people decided instead to take the fees for themselves, never file the papers, and flee the country. And the companies might be inconsiderate enough not to tell the employees until the employees happen to ask for copies of paperwork that was never filed or verified. And the companies will assure the employees that everything is going to be fixed, but really, why the fuck would anyone believe them? And when the employees get new jobs, their new companies will demand documentation that does not exist. And suddenly, perhaps the new jobs do not exist either…

One day, this will be just be a funny story to tell and write in my memoir. One day…

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3 Responses to When will it be a funny story?

  1. Kristine says:

    Uh, shit. This story sounds all too familiar. Fortunately, it has never happened to anyone in my family, but I’ve heard this happen so many times to people that have been wanting to leave countries like the Philippines to find work.

  2. Chantelle says:

    This is awful. I hope your stress level isn’t through the roof, because I know mine would be …

  3. Sofie says:

    Oh no. That is fucking horrible. You don’t want to believe that things like that happen, but of course they do. What a wonderful world.

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