Jet lag

I’ve been back in Abu Dhabi for roughly a week now. My living situation is one million times better this year, so it’s been smooth going. My new (slash old) school is full of Westerners and native speakers, so my social life has boomed. I have a fancy new phone, (by which I mean a 3-year-old smart phone, woo!) which will greatly improve my ability to keep in touch with friends back home. The year is starting off quite well.

But my jet lag has been deadly.

Last night I went out and had a lovely time. I crawled into bed around 4am, which is pretty standard for weekends here. Then at 7.30am my boyfriend’s work-alarm went off. And then went off some more. Because he failed to un-schedule it, even though it was the weekend, and he fails to ever properly wake up to it and turn it off. So now, I was awake. And under normal circumstances, I would just roll over and go back to sleep. But thanks to my dear friend jet lag, my eyes were glued open. I ate a bit, drank lots of water, attempted to fall back asleep at least thrice, and yet here I am 3 hours later, so absurdly wide awake!

The previous sleep I’d had was very nice and normal. The one before that was awful. The one before that was equally awful. Then there was a nice one. Then many nights of awful. Every time I think that I’m finally going to get back on schedule, I snap awake at 4am because the air con. is too loud or a cloud passes or someone in Saudi Arabia sneezes. And I’m wide awake all morning and mid-day, but with a slightly nauseous feeling that makes life less enjoyable. Then around 4pm I become physically exhausted and unable to focus on anything. But the one time I allowed myself to nap, I couldn’t wake up for almost 6 hours. And then around 10pm, I’m wide awake again and unable to put myself to bed until far too late.

Tomorrow I have to start working regular hours again and hopefully it will force my body into a routine. (I do admit that I haven’t tried hard enough/smart enough to beat the jet lag. I’ve been too busy enjoying being back and following mine and other people’s whims of scheduling.) But today I just want to kill my boyfriend for not having had the foresight to turn his work-alarm off.

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One Response to Jet lag

  1. Hiro says:

    My mom used to make me completely go with the schedule of whatever host-country we traveled to, so I got used to doing that when i traveled on my own. It’s apparently easiest when you get there during the day, and walk around in the sun a lot, and then go to bed, because you’re more likely than not going to be exhausted from the flight and lugging stuff around that you are going to sleep like a rock whenever, and also because the sun is your natural circadian resetter. 🙂
    I hope you’re feeling better now!

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