I’m too old for this shit

At the beginning of the school year, there is a flood of new teachers entering the UAE. My boyfriend refers to them as freshman, and it is rather reminiscent of freshman flooding college campuses. They are naive and they party too much and they don’t know their limits yet. The whole city seems to be a cliche welcome party, where people lose all common sense. Last night, I wanted to shoot myself in the foot because the first bar we went to was packed to the gills. (Who uses that phrase?) People put their faces against mine when they wanted to talk to me because they thought that might help us hear each other. People spilled on themselves and then blamed it on the person standing next to them. People stood in the middle of aisles and paths and stairways. People I had no desire to talk to insisted that we needed to have a conversation now. People were jumping on each other like monkeys. It was just such an absolutely absurd level of wasted.

Eventually I found a chair and sat in it and muttered to myself repeatedly, “I’m too old for this shit.”

(I got over it when we went to the second, less obnoxious bar. And by the third bar, I was totally drinking the Koolaid.)

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One Response to I’m too old for this shit

  1. Haha I love this…I am ok with bars – just not the obnoxious people who live at them. My husband on the other hand – can’t stand ’em.

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