Reverse Bucket List

Sarai recently posted a reverse bucket list, i.e. she listed the great things that she has already accomplished. At first the idea grated on me because it seems almost… braggy? But her entry and other people’s similar entries didn’t actually come off as boastful. And sometimes it is important to remind myself of the awesome things that I have had the privilege to enjoy. And thus…. my reverse bucket list.

  1. Go skiing.
  2. See the Grand Canyon.
  3. Make a website from scratch.
  4. Visit Puerto Rico.
  5. Become conversational in Spanish.
  6. Take a tap class.
  7. Visit Chinatown.
  8. Fill an entire journal.
  9. Learn to knit.
  10. Go to a drive-in movie.
  11. Go to a concert.
  12. Live in New York City.
  13. Make sushi.
  14. Visit California.
  15. Donate blood.
  16. Travel in Europe.
  17. Meet an online friend in person.
  18. Meet a celebrity.
  19. Graduate college.
  20. Intern at a publishing company.
  21. Go on a Craigslist date.
  22. Get a master’s degree.
  23. Be a bridesmaid.
  24. Road trip across America.
  25. Get a full time teaching job.
  26. Live in a foreign country.
  27. Go paintballing.
  28. Get fired.
  29. Experience the Third World that is India.
  30. Bungee jump.
  31. Get a massage
  32. Cook for someone.
  33. Go on a zip line.
  34. Date someone for more than a year.
  35. Have enough money to have a safety net.

There’s possibly more, but those are the ones that are most notable to me.

Also, I apologize that sometimes I don’t post for like a week. I do all my posts when I’m hungover (and schedule them if there’s more than one) and my boyfriend is off getting me food or going home to do something for his mother. (He’s currently buying me tampons.) If that doesn’t happen in a particular weekend, I don’t have any posts. And during the week there’s a nearly zero chance that I’ll post anything, haha. I’m too braindead from attempting to convey why English is written the way that it is to write my own English. Not that you care… but obviously this entry is more about me than you…

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2 Responses to Reverse Bucket List

  1. Amanda says:

    Your list makes me think that I need to go do more. Even though I’m pretty sure if I made one, it would look pretty cool too. But your “lived in New York City” alone trumps many of mine, I reckon…

  2. Laura says:

    Don’t forget you went to Seattle 😉

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