Responsibility: Good or bad?

Last week was our Eid vacation and it was glorious free time and sleeping late. This week is perhaps more difficult because we’re coming from that freedom to the rigidity of our daily teaching routines. My return to work was especially difficult because  I’ve completely changed the classes I teach. I went from teaching 7th grade students to teaching 10th and 12th grade students. I’m still deciding if this is a good or bad change… Older students are by far more interesting to teach, but there are still the same routines to create and classroom management issues to resolve. Now, moreso because I’m just starting with them, i.e. I know nobody’s name or usual antics.

There is also significantly more work in terms of material to cover and assessments to grade. I decided to force a writing assignment on the third day back, in an effort to see what issues we need to work on and to prove that I mean business. I don’t know if I achieved those objectives, but I do know I achieved the stack of papers sitting at the edge of my bed. I also had to teach metonymy this week. Raise your hand if you know what metonymy is, because I definitely didn’t before this week.

It’s funny because many people have congratulated me on this new position, in such a manner that suggests that it’s a promotion. It’s definitely more responsibility than teaching 7th grade was, but it comes with no pay raise. Yet I do feel a certain pride, as if I’ve been recognized as a good teacher who is able to handle more. I really still can’t decide if it’s going to be a good change or a bad change… we shall see, we shall see.

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One Response to Responsibility: Good or bad?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hopefully, you will get a pay bump sooner or later, especially if your new position is more work! Whether it’s a good or bad change is something still to be seen. I’ve known people who turned down promotions because they didn’t want the extra responsibility, and that sounds perfectly okay. I just hope that you enjoy your new job more! (I would, because I’m terrible with younger kids.)

    I did not know what a metonymy was, and now I do. Thanks for teaching me a new word!

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