Dear inebriated self…

Dear inebriated self,

While you might think that it’s super fun to be super social and super talk to everyone, it’s not. If you do it while you’re under the influence, sober-me has to deal with all of the consequences. Suddenly people know my name and I’m left squinting at them in confusion. Suddenly people feel close to you and want to hang out at your apartment again. Or they lost things and want you to give up your “finder’s keepers” rights. Or they know where you live, and you seriously still can’t remember their names.

It is especially a no-no to go out in public. Especially a large public event like a famous rapper’s concert, which will be attended by everyone. And then the next day at work, your 14 year old students will come up to you and say “I saw you on Friday, Miss.” And their tone will make it very clear that they have discovered that you are not the model of decorum and maturity that you present in the classroom. I doubt that anything you did was particularly incriminating, but there is too much chance for incrimination when you’re out and about in such a state.

And I feel like we’ve discussed this before, but no dancing. Ever. No. Bad.

Love, Sober-Me

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One Response to Dear inebriated self…

  1. Aussa Lorens says:

    Hahahaha I have friends who are teachers who deal with this terrifying phenomenon of running into their students while they are behaving in less than teacher-y fashion.

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