National Day

I just went to link to last year’s post from National Day, but of course I’ve switched blogs since then. Whatever, here’s the link anyways: Link. If you don’t click it, you won’t understand my comparisons and this entry will be no fun. I would re-post the image here, but I don’t want you to start thinking this blog is going to start including lots of photos…


As you can see in that one, I used to live across from a villa that adorned itself in U.A.E. flags for National Day. Now I live across from a hotel that’s being constructed. But if you tilt a little bit, you can see an apartment building that is also adorned in U.A.E. flags. And you can see the top of the mosque that makes sure we never miss prayer time. And some more construction, although that is separate from the hotel construction I mentioned earlier. (My boyfriend’s friend slept on our couch the other night and the first thing he said in the morning was “Your apartment is so quiet.” And I was like “Which apartment? This apartment???” And then I realized he was being deadpan sarcastic and I understood the world again.)

You can also tell that I now live in a more urban area that my previous area. Although my other neighborhood was still very much in the city and if you walked down the street, you were at the bus station or a mall. But when I lived there, I had to walk five minutes to get to a corner shop, whereas here, it’s literally outside my door. And that makes all the difference when the temperature and humidity are around a hundred.

Anyhow, the point of this entry is that yesterday was National Day. And I hope you adorned your building with U.A.E. flags in honor of it. I didn’t. But I did get a five day weekend! Weeee!

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