Online Things That Don’t Work Here

1. E-books are extremely difficult to purchase. Which is ridiculous since we are the perfect market for that! The bookstores here are very limited in their selections. They never have the racy pop-culture books that would help us to keep up on our home cultures, so we feel left out! E-books would be the perfect solution, but they’re so not. In order to use her e-reader, my friend had to do this ridiculous work around where she bought gift cards and sent them to herself and it’s just ridiculous.

2. Can’t get my free credit monitoring from Target. I complained about this and the customer service person was like “our website blocks suspicious ISPs.” And I’m like “bitch, what did you say about my ISP?”

3. I can’t get things delivered to me. Like if I find something super cute on Etsy, I couldn’t have it delivered to me. Even the Amazon drones can’t make it here. Thus I refuse to ever even think about going to websites that sell things. I would probably die of longing. It’s like window-shopping when I have zero money. (Except I have money and I want to spend it on the most perfect things and I can’t!) (As a side note, there are local websites that I can get delivery from. So I’m talking American websites.)

4. Websites automatically show up in Arabic. Like Google. Do you know how difficult it is trying to maneuver Google when it’s backwards and the navigation at the top is in Arabic? Do you know the Arabic word for images? I sure don’t. I also downloaded Chrome onto one of the computers at work and it showed up in Arabic. It is very, very difficult to change the language of a program when everything is in a language you don’t know!

5. Porn. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to work around blocks on websites. Amen.

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9 Responses to Online Things That Don’t Work Here

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Ha ha, glad to see porn made the cut! 😉

  2. callistonian says:

    Except for the delivery problem (which you may not want regardless because of outrageous shipping fees and taxes) – everything else can be fixed with a solid Internet connection, a VPN, and an American bank account. 🙂

    • mmarinaa says:

      I know how to work around these things, but it’s just stupidly frustrating. And customer services are ridiculous about it. I was buying a game online and the person actually suggested that I get someone in America to buy it for me and send me the login code. Because I could log in and download the game, I just couldn’t purchase it. And I was like “can’t I just use my VPN?” and he was like “we don’t suggest that.” And I was like “…….” And then I used my VPN in the midst of our conversation and then was like “used my VPN, it worked, kthxbi.”

  3. Matt says:

    Hahaha I got my free credit Target monitoring! Be jealous. Also, send that money you can’t spend my way. I’ll put it towards my student loans. Okay, never commenting again, goodbye!

    • mmarinaa says:

      After dealing with their customer service, I’m glad I won’t get it from them. It seems like a total scam. The people signed their emails with their first name and last initial… like, come on, seriously?

  4. Stephanie says:

    If you have a Google account, I think that you can edit your account settings to force all of Google to be in English. I once made my entire Google account display in traditional Chinese (in America) only to find that I couldn’t actually read anything and had to poke the settings a lot to change or all back to English. I totally understand your frustration.

    Porn = 😛

  5. Aussa Lorens says:

    I feel ya on the trying to figure out google thing. After my macbook was stolen in China I bought a little Acer netbook and eeeeverything on it was in Chinese… suddenly I didn’t remember how to navigate Explorer or iTunes or anything. It was like the world’s most torturous game of memory.

  6. eemusings says:

    ROFL. Am surprised about the ebooks not being available! Although upon second thought…

    I can’t remember where I was last year when I was abroad and wound up on Google trying to figure out how to change the language. Luckily I guess when you’ve been using Gmail for years you sorta get to remember what lives where and I eventually navigated towards the settings.

    PS – my niece just came over, tablet in tow, playing Flappy Bird. LOL.

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