Dear John Green

Thank you so much for your books.

I have spent the entire school year thus far attempting to convince my students that reading is good for them. They are forced to read for a portion of each class and it is dreadful for some of them. I say “Time to read!” and there are many who protest, loudly. They refuse to look for a book that interests them and just pretend to read their textbook, no matter how many times I assure them that there are books out there that will appeal to anyone!

Then someone found your book, The Fault in our Stars. It was a student who likes reading, and of course she adored the book. So she raved about it, and passed it on to her friend, who also raved. And for those whom I constantly hassle about reading something besides the textbook, it seemed like an easy out to be the next one to borrow the book. “Look Miss, I have a book today!” And they held up your book.

Now when I tell them “Time to stop reading and move on to our lesson,” they protest. Loudly.

I finished the book myself today. I had to take it home so that I could cry without the eyes of my students on me while I did it. (I did freely admit to them that I cry at books all the time, but it’s different to actually cry in front of them.) It was amazing and I can see why it changed so many of their minds.

So thank you for making my job easier. You are great. (Also, I cannot wait to show them an episode of Crash Course and blow their minds with how nerdy you are…)

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3 Responses to Dear John Green

  1. Kristine says:

    I loved John Green’s The Fault in our Stars… Part of me is also excited about the upcoming film. This post of yours reminds me of the time when I first started reading Harry Potter and when I officially started to love reading at a much higher level than before. I once got into trouble for reading way too much. HAH.

  2. Karin says:

    That’s great that your students are reading now! You’re right there are books for everyone. 🙂 I admit I haven’t read any of John Greens books, but I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews, from both adults and youngsters. Guess I should seek out a copy of The Fault In Our Stars and read it.

  3. eemusings says:

    Am on the waitlist for that book. But loved An Abundance of Katherines. Love love love.

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