We’ve reached the time of year when the weather is beautiful in Abu Dhabi. It is expected to hover around 80F all week. We can go to the beach again. I don’t have to attempt to cobble together warmer outfits from my summer-focused wardrobe. I don’t have to pretend I like wearing close-toed shoes. I don’t have to wash multiple loads of sweaters and sweatshirts in my tiny washing machine. And I should definitely find my sunglasses for the inevitable days spent outdoors.

I spent hours yesterday searching for information about cheap places to ski in Europe (Serbia) and the best dates for snow coverage (debatable, but my winter break includes part of it.) Next winter I will see snow and I will fly down slopes. (I will also have to buy an entire wardrobe for the trip, considering my warmest outfit here is a sweatshirt and closed-toe shoes, but it will be worth it.) It’s been two years too many since I experienced a real winter.

Happy March, everyone.

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One Response to Weather

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Pity Latvia doesn’t have mountains – you could have come here!

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