I should be packing or something

Tomorrow I leave for Sri Lanka.

Today a friend offered to bring me sustenance and I responded, “Nah, there’s half a burger somewhere near my bed.” He responded, “You are the worst type of person.”

Last night my friend threw me under the bus. “He’ll bring us food and alcohol….” Yes, yes he will.

And then he will drive you home.

“But let’s just go for one drink first….”

I woke up convinced that my phone was at the bar. But we tore the couch apart looking for it without luck and it was nowhere in his car. Thank god for Facebook and my friend having the brains to let me know she had it.

And thank god for my driver going to pick it up for me. And thank god for making people do fajr before they go to sleep for the night.

(I had to ruin his new relationship. Because it’s not fair to her.)

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2 Responses to I should be packing or something

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Half a burger somewhere near the bed – brilliant 🙂

  2. Sounds chaotic, but more fun than packing. Hope you caught your flight!

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