That time I went to Sri Lanka

IMG_0154I spent the past nine days in Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa to be exact. On paper, I did very little during the vacation. But it was heavenly.

Every morning I would wake up and sit in the shaded beach restaurant of our hotel to watch the beach. Eventually I would order breakfast. Eventually I would be joined by various friends. (I traveled with six, saw countless acquaintances (all of Abu Dhabi was in Sri Lanka, it seemed,) and made two new friends.) We’d discuss the previous night’s events and make vague plans for the day. After breakfast I might get up and go for a swim. Or I might go read my book in another shady spot. I got sunburned on the first day, so I was in love with shady spots. Or I might start day drinking with whoever was up for it.

As the sun went down, we would all turn towards it. After the show, we might wander to the supermarket or into a few clothing shops. Or we’d decide where to get dinner. Then back to the beach for evening festivities. A few nights we managed to make it to other bars, but mostly we didn’t leave our hotel.

I was told there is much more to see in Sri Lanka than the little beachfront spot where we were. But for this trip, that was all that I needed.

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3 Responses to That time I went to Sri Lanka

  1. Expat Eye says:

    That sounds like absolute bliss… So jealous!

  2. Manda says:

    Sri Lanka is on my list of places to go. Your time there sounds like my time in Phuket. All I needed that trip was the beach and that was all I got and it was perfect 🙂

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