The plague

The Middle East has been hit by a new coronavirus called MERS. 66 people have died from it in Saudi Arabia. Someone in the UAE died from it last week in Al Ain. It is a serious issue of course, but the gossip has blown the issue up into epic proportions. As an example, some of the students took to wearing masks to protect themselves from germs. (Which have yet to be reported in Abu Dhabi once and mostly transmits within hospitals, not schools.) Hilariously, many of the masks were construction masks and totally useless. But if it makes them feel better…

I currently have a terrible cough and runny nose. It’s most likely bronchitis, which I am exacerbating by clinging hard to my social life and all that it entails. Last night it entailed about a pack of cigarettes. Because I am nothing if not an idiot. Tonight I have to go to a birthday party. But I swear I will come home early and it will be my last social event until I am better. I swear!

The students decided in their infinite wisdom that I most definitely have coronavirus. When I would cough, they would tell me to go home already. Students who used to beg me for high fives refused to come near me. The concern was touching.

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3 Responses to The plague

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Ha ha, what a sweet bunch! 🙂 Hope you feel better soon! Social lives shouldn’t have to stop for anything!

    • mmarinaa says:

      My social life definitely didn’t stop. I arrived home at 9am this morning, tired and coughing, but with roughly twenty new best friends.

      But today, I swear, I’m going to be good and care about my health….. (My roommate has asked me to go drink wine with her twice this hour. If she gets to the charmed third time… well….)

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