A Day in the Life: Weekend edition (Friday)

Original date of photos and activities: Friday, May 9th, after a night out drinking with friends. Had gone to bed at 4.30am, so technically the activities from the night before count, but let’s be real, days are counted by awake times and this one goes past midnight, so all’s fair in love and “Day in the Life” entries.

11am, wake up: Feel self become awake. Stare at eyelids and contemplate how futile it will be to attempt to stay asleep. Sigh and open eyes to let in sunlight and kill melatonin.


11.05am, breakfast: Contemplate making myself eggs for breakfast. Instead, pick up a shwarma sandwich. My roommate’s boyfriend bought literally ten of the huge ones last night. (Think footlong, except we’re on metric here and I don’t know how many centimeters that is.) How are my roommate and I going to eat ten shwarma sandwiches before they go bad??

11.06am, hell/denial: Realize that the Internet does not work. Freak out because I can’t watch a tv show while eating breakfast. (I’m currently streaming Happy Endings from a totally legit website.) Eat breakfast while clicking uselessly on various icons and “fix this” buttons.


11.36am, caffeine: Go to make green tea to wash down shwarma and prevent looming hangover. (I get my hangovers at roughly 5pm. It’s odd, I know. But no matter how awesome I feel when I wake up, it’s almost always a false high that crashes later.) Ask roommate if lemons can go bad. They can if they’re already cut. They get bitter. Realized this after first sip of tea with lemon in it. Drank it anyways.


11.39am-1.37pm, home cinema: Watch 40 Year Old Virgin with roommate. She makes popcorn at some point. We discuss losing our virginity and how underwhelming it was. Also discuss butt sex. And that obviously leads to discussing poop. Because duh.


1.45pm, victory over technology: Fix Internet! Turns out that the router was just slightly unplugged. Rush back to Internetified computer, but briefly contemplate how I should message a friend and do something interesting with my day instead of wasting all my time on the Internet…


2-7pm, interwebz: Proceed to muck about on the Internet for literally five hours. During that time I caught up on most of my social media, watched a depressing Youtube video, watched Happy Endings while eating another shwarma sandwich (this time with ranch and mayo dips – both delicious), read about some maps of the Middle East, researched imaginary travel destinations and wrote the previous entry.

7.00-7.30pm, shower: Roommate came home from beach (an outing which I had turned down in honor of laziness) and I decided it was time to get out of my bed and do something with my life…


7.30-12am, life somethings: Drank wine and watched Superbad. Then helped roommate’s boyfriend study English. Took occasional breaks to visit computer or get more wine. Lots of wine. With ice. Because that’s how class people do.

1am, heading out: Go out to meet friend when she finally responds to all of my previous needy messages. (Seriously, nobody wanted to go out. Because they’re all lame.) I had blurry pictures relevant the going out portion of the evening, but my phone is being a twat and won’t let me get at them.

Suffice to say, the last picture is the taxi ride home at 6am, with the sun up and shining…

The end

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7 Responses to A Day in the Life: Weekend edition (Friday)

  1. Expat Eye says:

    We would definitely be friends in real life 🙂

  2. I loved reading this “day in the life of” — what a great idea!

  3. bevchen says:

    Stopping by from the linkup.. this sounds like a pretty fabulous day to me! I can also muck about on the Internet for 5 hour stretches 😉

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