Abu Dhabi is roughly the size of a peanut, socially. Especially amongst social, partying people who stay more than the standard two year contract. Which means that news travels fast. Nothing is private or confidential. If you tell one person, you tell everyone. For example, my ex-boyfriend recently informed me that a co-worker of mine was talking shit about me. A co-worker that I see every day and who tells me ridiculously boring stories that I have to politely sit through like I don’t know that she has more than once referred to me disparagingly as a “slut.” Honestly, I wouldn’t be bothered by her attempt at an insult if it wasn’t for the fact that she does it in public. Where people might hear her and believe that I deserve to be insulted.

Like I said, nothing is private or confidential. And my name is well-known amongst social, partying people.

This weekend I heard that two other co-workers, one of whom I have never met, know all about my ex-boyfriend. They were out with my friend and my friend said hi to my ex (she’s also friends with him) and the two girls were rude and cold to him. So when he left, my friend asked why and they responded, “We don’t like him because of what he did to Marina.” And so my friend is telling me this story and she gets to that part and I’m like, “Whoa. Pause. Who the hell are these people?” Because while I vaguely know who they are, I definitely know nothing of their love lives.

I suppose it is different when your ex is insane. They had apparently heard him attempting to bang down my apartment door one night and were then told all the gushy details by another co-worker who’s been here for long enough to know the details.

Last night, my friend wanted to go to a bar specifically because my ex and his friends were there. (She likes one of his friends.) I didn’t want to go because I’d seen him the night before and I wanted one night without having to talk to him. Because for the first time in six weeks, my ex is being sober and nice and good. He is being the man I love.

It’s the most painful thing ever to be around him when he’s like that. Which isn’t to say that I want him to go back to the craziness. I just don’t want to be around him. Unfortunately, Abu Dhabi is roughly the size of a peanut, socially…

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One Response to Gossip

  1. Agent Q says:

    There are definitely ups and downs of being in a setting where words travel fast. You know or know of everyone, sometimes too much to the point it gets overwhelming. The gossip part is definitely not fun to be a part of, especially if some petty drama arises as a result. All of this reminds me of my college years due to the small and intimate environment alone. I miss it and I don’t. It’s a weird feeling, methinks.

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