It doesn’t do to dwell

It doesn’t do to dwell on negatives, so let’s focus on some things that are making me happy right now.

I taught my last class for the school year on Thursday. Finals start on Sunday, which is fantastic because proctoring is the easiest time to be around the students. And the students leave at noon, which means all afternoon is free to do whatever I desire.

I’ve discovered/become addicted to 2048 because I saw a student playing it and I want to be just like them. I’ll probably get bored by the fact that you have to start all the way from the beginning when you lose, which is for the best. We all know what happened with Candy Crush….

I’m going to Turkey in 17 days because why not?

Then it’s to New York, which I’m not particularly excited about to be perfectly honest. I have to attend a wedding, which means I have to rent a car and hotel room and be an adult and sit at the singles table and repeatedly offer open invitations to the Middle East to everyone, especially the racist ones. And I’m already dreading living out of a suitcase and lugging said suitcase to a different house/neighborhood every few days. (Travelers lie when they say that travel is perfection. The surest pleasure in travel is coming home and having a place to hang your figurative hat.) But it will be grand to see all my friends and eat delicious food for every meal. I really do miss pretentious, trendy food that pretends to cure cancer. And breakfast foods, mmm. I can’t wait to get me some omelettes and pancakes and eggs benedict!

Then it’s Mexico, followed by my hometown. After that, I still have a week…. suggestions on where to lug my suitcase for that week? Or should I just come back and hang my hat? Please vote below. Because letting the Internet decide one’s life is the way of the future.

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One Response to It doesn’t do to dwell

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Montenegro cos I’ve never been 🙂

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