Some links to enjoy

The best Internet goes out on Thursday, as has been scientifically proven by nobody. I have to (have to!) drink all of Thursday and Friday. So I spend all day on hangover Saturday scouring the huge amounts of content that have accumulated. And then sometimes I share the goods. (Or turn them into entries. Because I steal like an artist. Which is a phrase I also stole.) Onto the links!

This speech by Jim Carrey almost made me cry. I didn’t even watch the whole thing because I get bored of speeches like this, but he’s fucking goooood! Like really, amazing speaker and quite profound, even.

This World Cup chart is very helpful to figure out which team to cheer for. I cheated to get Ivory Coast because that’s my team. But it’s pretty entertainingly true, if you read through the steps.

This video about bullying is more applicable if you’re a teacher and (hopefully) doesn’t apply to adults, but it will still guarantee a tear or two. (When he says “Why are you crying?” I was like, “How can he see me???”)

After reading this entry about the Maldives, I’m now adding it to my list of places to visit while I live in the Middle East. I had no clue how close it was. I fully intend to do it lavishly and in the overwater bungalows with a new, rich boyfriend though. That’ll happen, right?

Speaking of, this article about being single basically sums up everything single people think about being single. Although, having had a relationship for the past two years, I sort of disagree with the idea that we’re not happier with significant others. (We are.) But she touches on that side a little too, so it’s a fair piece overall. And it inspires me to keep my chin up. (Even though I secretly would settle for a lot less than I deserve right now. I reek of desperation.)

This advice entry about when to leave a marriage was very poignant. I literally teared up when it got to the part that says, “I can’t walk away. Not without taking him with me.” Especially since a lot of times, I think I’m mostly staying here because I can’t leave without taking my ex with me. (Despite the crazy stalking and harassing he does. I know, I know. Don’t worry, it’s a ridiculous, passing thought, quickly stifled.)

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