Less than satisfactory

I’ve been back in New York for about a week now. I’ve found it rather lackluster, to be perfectly frank. Perhaps that’s because I had to go to a wedding. I am not a fan of weddings. Remind me to elope.

I am also acutely aware of how much I suck at keeping in touch with people when I’m abroad. And then fitting myself into people’s already busy lives is difficult when I’m here.

I’m also stressed out about the stupid storage unit that I have here, which I’ve finally decided to get rid of. It is an extremely annoying process and just thinking about it creates a knot of anxiety. I need to stop procrastinating it, but I honestly don’t know how to deal with it most efficiently.

This is supposed to be vacation, damn it. No stress!

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One Response to Less than satisfactory

  1. Mrs. Wife says:

    aww that sucks! i hate having to think about stressful annoying errands when i’m supposed to be “on vacation.” i hope the storage thing works out!

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