Bullet point updates

I went to Tulum for 9 days. It was amazing. I have pictures, but they don’t truly capture the contentment. My friend and I discussed staying a month next summer. Plans are fickle creatures, but I enjoy entertaining the idea.

I found out my exboyfriend has a real girlfriend now. It hurt like the afterbirth of the breakup. I miss having a boyfriend, but I’m also pickier than ever before. Thus, forever alone.

My friend offered me a job here in New York that is 99% guaranteed. I turned it down and cited financial reasons, which are valid. But I also don’t want to be an American again.

A different friend referred to Hamas as a terrorist group in conversation. I bit back retaliatory epithets.

I read The Happiness Project and am planning my own, to start when I return to Abu Dhabi. The hardest part is figuring out what makes me happy. My mood swings confuse even me.

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