Because I’m happy

Last night I saw Pharrell in concert. My roommate managed to score passes for herself and me at the last minute. We had an amazing time, then went to a bar afterwards, ran into so many people we knew, and continued to have an amazing time. We didn’t get home until 3am.

Four hours later, she thankfully banged on my bedroom door to wake me up.

I should have been asleep an hour ago probably. But I felt the need to brag. I’m very happy with my life right now. Probably because I can smell breaks on the horizon. Next week is National Day, so we get three days off. Then it’s finals, which means not teaching, which means easiness. Then it’s winter break. I have no travel plans, but I am very much looking forwards to three weeks of doing absolutely nothing related to school. I’ll have time to over analyze myself. And get bored enough to catch up with far away friends. And pretend I still want to be a writer. And try to convince myself that I like cooking and yoga. It’s going to be excellent!

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One Response to Because I’m happy

  1. BerLinda says:

    Ooh, jealous! Pharrell is so hot right now 🙂

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