“I’m lucky”

The other night I was talking to a friend about how it’s scientifically proven that people who say they’re lucky are, in fact, luckier.

I had to Google it the next day to make sure I hadn’t made the study up, as I tend to do when I want people to believe me. But I hadn’t; it’s a true story. The study also said that luckier people tend to believe that they contribute to their own luck and that it might take hard work. (It’s by Richard Wiseman, if you want to Google it.) They are also extremely grateful for their luck and see silver linings, even in bad times.

I believe that I am quite a lucky person. I live in a foreign country living an amazing life that I never would have predicted. But more than the situation, it’s about the people. (Isn’t it always?) I have the most amazing friends, both here and back home and scattered around the world. And with them, I get to experience the amazingness of life to the fullest.

Corny, I know. But I really am exceptionally happy lately and I’m so glad I broke up with my ex way back when because I got to reignite all my friendships. And now they’ve been stoked to the point of good healthy burns. And when they’re all ablaze, my life is just fantastic and full. Yet light at the same time. Even the stress of my difficult days at work can’t truly bring me down because I just look towards the weekend and know that I’m going to have two whole days to chill with my people.

My Thanksgivings (there were multiple, of course) were amazing. I hope that yours were too and that you got to chill with your people!

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2 Responses to “I’m lucky”

  1. Kristine says:

    You’re very lucky, I agree with you. But you definitely worked hard to get where you are today. I remember your old blog before landing there in Abu Dhabi.

    Thinking about it… I’m lucky too. 🙂

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