Violence abroad

I’m tentatively back together with the boy du jour. Because he makes me smile.

In way less nice news, there was a stabbing of a woman here in Abu Dhabi a few days ago. A totally random, innocent woman stabbed to death when she was doing some afternoon errands. There’s a video of the CCTV footage of the woman who did it, the crime scene, and the suspect’s subsequent capture, which is insanely creepy. (I’d link to it, but that would require searching for it and watching it again. I’ve already lost sleep over it, so no thank you. It’s easily found though.) It’s all we’ve talked about since it happened.

In this country, there is not senseless violence like that. When I’d tell people where I live and they used to ask, “But is it safe there?” I would laugh in response. It’s an extremely safe country.

This event has scared the shit out of me. I literally could not fall asleep the night after I saw the video because I just kept imagining it in my head. I’ve been in the building where it happened more times than I can count. (I lived in it for a month, actually, in my ex’s friend’s apartment.) We went to the building last night for a moment. My friend ran in to buy a few items and I refused to get out of the car and go inside. I can’t even. I’m terribly petrified by the whole thing, to the point of illogical refusals to enter a perfectly safe building…

Which is crazy considering where I used to live. I lived in Brooklyn, on the border of Bushwick and Bed-Stuy. I worked at an after-school program next to the projects. Every day on my walk to work, I would get talked to solely because I was white. Comments ranged from “Hey white girl, how you doin’?” to “White devil! Where you going?” I also lived in the Bronx, and heard stories of friends being held up at gunpoint and beat up by strangers. I got mugged. One of my close friends dated a prominent drug dealer. Another of my close friends got stabbed by that prominent drug dealer…. There was an insane risk to my life in New York!

But here… I thought there was no risk to my life here. Which I think contributes to how shaken by the event I am. The fear will pass though.

When my friend stopped in the building last night, there was a vigil going on for the victim. May she rest in peace.

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3 Responses to Violence abroad

  1. Kristine says:

    I heard the news about the American teacher in Abu Dhabi and I instantly thought about you because you are teacher in Abu Dhabi. Please be safe <3! Try not to go out alone and I can imagine just how scary it is for you.

  2. BerLinda says:

    Just watched it – how horrifying. Stay safe!

  3. Cindy says:

    That sounds so unsettling, especially when it hits so close to home like that. Hope the gripping feeling of fear passes. ❤

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