Winter break

I’ve been on winter break for about five days now. I’ve done absolutely nothing with that time. I had grand plans to work out every day and cook healthy food and finally finish all the little errands that I’ve been putting off…. instead I have hung out with my friends/the boy du jour and done zero productive things.

Today I have already done some laundry, made a healthy breakfast, and practiced some Spanish on Duolingo. It is the most productive day thus far. I was going to go to the pool with my friend, but she has not texted me and I am purposefully not texting her because then I will stop being productive. Which I will regret tonight, when I have nothing to do and am all alone and bored. But perhaps it will be pleasant to spend Christmas Eve curled up by myself being introspective….

Tomorrow, thankfully, there is a Christmas dinner that will keep me out of my head.

Anyhow, I hope that everybody has a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, whether you’re celebrating them or just living through them. Mwah!

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2 Responses to Winter break

  1. Kristine says:

    Wait, which boy du jour is this you speak of? For some reason, I’m seriously confused with your love life. LOL 😛 And enjoy your break. No one expects you to be productive!

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