Year in Review

I wasn’t planning to post one of these, but I’ve been enjoying reading them on others’ blogs too much not to do it. Overall, 2014 was about my friends. Chatting with one another about everything and anything have been the most valuable times of this year. And while I did a lot of other amazing things, I mostly picture 2014 as a hazy image of us all sitting around on couches, chatting up storms… As for specifics:

January opened with me still being with the ex, but supremely unhappy. So we broke up. It was extremely difficult to break up with someone that I’d imagined my future with, but it was for the best and a long time coming.

holi2The next few months were spent bonding with my friends. We we went to events like concerts or brunches or that amazing weekend in March where we went to a Holi festival. Or we’d just hang out at the apartment amusing ourselves. We didn’t need the events, but there were definitely some good ones to get us off the couches.

srilankaThen we chilled out in Sri Lanka for spring break, early April. I was still reminded constantly of my ex, who appeared significantly in my life both before and after the Sri Lanka trip. But the two encounters with him convinced me that I had made the right choice.

turkeyBy the time summer had rolled around, my social life was overwhelmingly grand. I was definitely planning another year in Abu Dhabi to return to my friends, but it was time for summer vacation! And so I took my summer pay and headed off to Istanbul, Turkey to visit with two friends there.


Then back to America to catch up with friends in New York and my hometown in Illinois. There were weddings and reunions and a horrible time driving in Manhattan one day. There was a lot of nice nostalgia and reminiscing, but overall I was rather unimpressed by the summer in America, more and more convinced that I don’t want to move back any time soon…


But I loved my interlude in Mexico! Sometime in the midst of my time in New York, I headed south with my old Abu Dhabi roommate to beautiful Tulum. And inshaallah, we will return next summer!


When I returned to Abu Dhabi for the new school year, I fell back into routines. I had a new roommate, but I knew her before and predicted she’d be good to live with. (And it has totally been good.) There was a brief trip to Bahrain and a few trips to Dubai, but mostly just hanging out in Abu Dhabi, trying not to stress about work and trying to enjoy dating without falling in love too soon…

In 2015, I’ll hit the four year mark for Abu Dhabi. When I broke up with my ex, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle living here anymore. I once told my roommate about how an old friend and I had once burned mementos of exes, but if I wanted to burn mementos of my last ex, I’d have to burn the whole city. Thankfully, I’ve come to terms with Abu Dhabi by replacing memories of him with memories of friends. Which was definitely the greatest accomplishment of 2014. And now, on to the next one…

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2 Responses to Year in Review

  1. Kristine says:

    You’ve had a great year for travel! I love reading yearly recaps. 🙂 I wish you a happy and prosperous new year ahead. And of course, a wonderful love life as well. 😉

  2. Agent Q says:

    Looks like a great year overall! Despite the bumpy start, you overcame all those and continued living the life to the fullest. These pictures certainly prove my point. Though to be honest, the picture taken at the Holi festival scared me a bit. Something about the painting reminded of a Joker variety. Let us appreciate the power of lighting and face paint. xD

    Here is to a more prosperous new year! 🙂

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