I will never be a fan of winter

Today it rained, which is a rare occurrence for Abu Dhabi. Inland from the city, there were also some crazy hail storms. The hail collected and looked deceptively like snow, I hear. (I didn’t see any of it. But I saw pictures on Facebook and it looked like snow to me.)

While I do enjoy the random rain, we didn’t even get a day off of school, so what’s the point, really? And it has also been insanely cold. By which I mean lows of 60 Fahrenheit (about 16 Celcius), which fine, isn’t actually that cold. But when you only have a summer wardrobe and the temperatures hoover around that low for a few weeks, it feels like it’s insanely cold.

The one thing that I did enjoy about today was how suddenly everyone talked about the weather nonstop. We all tried to predict if there would be rain. Everyone overestimated. We watched hourly forecasts for any slight changes. We looked at the sky….

There are clouds right now. And they’re moving. And it’s really quite amazing how amazing clouds can look when you haven’t seen them in awhile…

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2 Responses to I will never be a fan of winter

  1. Kristine says:

    I love the clear blue sky especially when it’s chilly. That’s what it is like right now here in Houston. 55deg F and sunny. It’s beautiful! I think my cousin is in Abu Dhabi and he too was talking about the weather on Facebook. heh.

  2. BerLinda says:

    Ha, I wish clouds and rain were such a novelty for me! 16 degrees is quite pleasant! It’s 2 here šŸ˜‰

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