Hi, I am alive, please pay attention to me

As my friend Matt pointed out, I most definitely accidentally gave up blogging for Lent. It was at subconscious attempt to temper my pride and need for attention. It failed, I am still completely proud and needy. Also I was in Spain for two weeks. (Post forthcoming.)

I smell like a local right now, but I am too lazy to go shower just yet. By “smell like a local” I mean that I smell like that common scent that Emiratis wear. (It’s distinctive because of the oud perhaps. If you’ve ever been to this country, you know what I mean.) It’s because my boyfriend’s first wife (i.e. best friend, but I refer to him as his first wife and myself as the second wife) decided to dab it all over me last night. I don’t mind the smell of it on others, but I loathe wearing perfumes, so it’s irritating me. But alas, lazy…

I can’t decide whether or not to wake up my boyfriend so that he will pay attention to me instead of just lie next to me all cute and sleeping. But his first wife and I were very sleep-depriving to him last night… which sounds misleadingly inappropriate, haha.

I’m going to go make that Spain post for you now. Get excited.

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