Weird stereotypes I heard yesterday

Yesterday at dinner, one of my friends said that we shouldn’t get Chilean wine because it is dirtier than other wines. She seemed to think that Chileans don’t properly age the wine, in order to make more money, which makes it dirtier. (It was a stereotype learnt from her asshole of an ex, who is Australian; we promptly questioned his motives and mocked Australian wine.)

Then, at the bar, some Canadian dude wanted to guess where in America I was from. And he correctly guessed Chicagoland, so I asked what gave it away. He said that I had an air of nonchalance and confidence. Like I was just going to sit back and wait and everything would just fall into place for me, no big deal. He also told me that I clearly have never experienced anything rough or dirty in my life. He used a metaphor of me being under a small roof and being able to see the rain around me, but it never actually touching me. I was amused by his complete inability to see how rude and presumptuous he was being, and continued chain smoking and smiling condescendingly at him.

When he wandered off, I texted my friend the first part, about how I seemed super self-assured everything would fall into place. Which I took to be an entitled, spoiled quality (and I think that’s how he meant it). I wanted to know her opinion of that Illinois stereotype, since she’s Californian, but she responded by saying “That’s true of all travelers.” And I just stared at her text wondering how she could be so bad at reading. Because he in no way said I was a traveler, and he’s lived in more countries than I have, so no.

And also, seriously no. I have zero desires to travel. I hate travel. I honestly only travel because it’s a necessity at this point. This summer I’m going to at least five different cities because that’s where all my friends have spread to. And during breaks, if I don’t travel with friends, I’d be stuck in my apartment alone by myself. I travel because it’s becoming the only way I can socialize with people from my past, not at all because I am a “traveler.”

(Of course, one could argue that the lady doth protest too much.)

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3 Responses to Weird stereotypes I heard yesterday

  1. Kristine says:

    Canadian guy sounds like a douche covered up in his faux “friendliness/politeness” what have you… Urgh.

  2. Ceri says:

    Ugh, I feel like there are travellers like that but I would never generalise. You can’t lump everything in to one category but, then again, I guess that’s where stereotypes come from – The overall majority.

    I feel like when you live abroad and meet a lot of foreigners, you do tend to stereotype the kinds of people you meet because you’re seeing such an extreme range of cultures come together. I’ll agree with Kristine, though – That Canadian guy sounds like such a douche.

  3. Michelle says:

    Canadian or not, he’s a freaking douche. How would he know anything about you just based on where you live? Some people, seriously.

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