Some links for you

An interview with Tao Lin, whom I will always admire. He’s crazy af, but also interesting af. And don’t we all aspire to that a little?

While I don’t really care much about GMOs or gluten or whatever other useless nonsense people talk regarding their dietary choices and I eat whatever I want, I do read the articles to stay in the loop. This article talks about how GMOs could save the world, which is way too SEO for a title, but an interesting read despite its obvious agenda.

An op-ed about charity by a rich man, which is silly, but it’s important to hear varied sides. Ever since Nepal, people have been talking about how best to donate. Which has been an odd conversation to hear considering I was considered quasi-anti-social the first time I voiced the idea to my friends that the Red Cross and GoodWill were basically just huge scams, haha.

An interesting op-ed about ideas. It’s sad, but true that we are now an age of information, but no longer ideas. This is likely the best link I shared today. You’re welcome.

Also, it’s getting to be summer, which is a fantastic time for reading and book buying. (Good and varied books are one thing that are obnoxiously difficult to purchase here in the UAE, so I plan to stock up when I go home.) The last few books I’ve read have been total busts of unoriginality. I have a short list of books I’m going to get, but I would also love any book recommendations. I’m craving something along the lines of The Corrections by Franzen, with lots of character depth and complexity. Any suggestions for me?

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