Summer break has begun! Tomorrow I have to go in to work to get a paper signed, but that doesn’t truly count. I now have the freedom to do as I please, when I please, hurrah!

To be honest, I know there’s going to be some boredom though. I have a week here in Abu Dhabi before I head back home. And while I have disposable income to entertain myself (which is novel and lovely), most of my friends are leaving within a few days, and I will feel very alone.

Thus, I’ve decided to take up painting as a hobby for the week. My other hobbies weren’t doing it for me anymore. Learning languages is too time-consuming, with too small of a reward. Cooking is too fleeting of a reward. Writing is no reward at all, unless I stumble upon my work a year later and reread it and smile fondly at myself. But painting seems like it will have a pretty instantaneous reward. You can get a lot of progress done in a relatively short amount of time. And then you step back and admire it and work on it a little more. And then when it’s done, you hang it on a wall and force people to notice it and give you compliments about it…

I also feel like I have exhausted the Internet. And watched all tv shows and movies worth watching. So if you have suggestions in those veins, please let me know. I shall be starved for entertainment while my genius painting masterpieces are drying, you know?

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