The Liebster Award

LiebsterAward Thank you to Kristine for nominating me! And because I don’t follow rules, I’m not going to nominate anyone or make my own questions! (Also because I literally have no idea who reads my blog regularly. I just know which ones I read, which doesn’t necessarily correlate, you know?) But I did so love answering her questions. Wee!!

  1. You have 5 minutes to escape your burning house, what is the first thing you decide to grab? I would grab my journals. They are precious to me because I am self-absorbed and thoroughly enjoy reading about myself. (In hindsight, there’s a stack of cash in my drawer that is quite a lot of money and probably should also be considered…. is it cheating if I hide it in the journals? I mean, five minutes is enough time to do that for sure, right?)
  2. If you had to choose one book that you would not mind reading over and over again, what would that be? I actually do read over and over again Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger.
  3. What is your favorite thing to eat when you are feeling blue? Macaroni and cheese is like the best comfort food ever. I haven’t had it in so long though because I can’t find the Kraft brand here, only lame knock-off brands that are so not the same!
  4. What is your spirit animal? This question is difficult for me. Because the obvious answer is a cat. But I hate that answer because everyone pictures a fat housecat sleeping on a pillow. Whereas I would like to be something more akin to a panther sleeking through a forest. But I’m really not that cool. Ok, maybe I’m like a Savannah F1. (Google it. They’re awesome. I saw someone with one on a leash in a bar once.)
  5. If money was not an issue, what would you choose to do for the rest of your life for free? Raise children. (I feel like there’s a joke in this answer somewhere. Like thankless jobs or how I’m a teacher or something about my unemployed boyfriend. I can’t connect it right now, sorry.)
  6. If you were to direct and produce a film of any genre, who would you like to be part of the cast? It would obviously be a rom-com. And it would probably star Melissa McCarthy. Kristen Wig would also feature. Lauren Graham. Rebel Wilson. Alan Rickman somehow, but not as the love interest because that’s weird. Same for Robert Downey Jr. Oh! Zac Efron. It could be like a cougar thing. (This cast is way too star-studded. Budget would be enormous! My bad.)
  7. What is your favorite show at this very moment? My boyfriend and I are watching Game of Thrones from the beginning. (We’re on season 2.) I’ve actually already seen the first few seasons, then I stopped because everybody died. But it’s really fun to watch it with him for some reason. I think because he needs subtitles on and he asks me what words mean all the time. I find it superbly adorable.
  8. If you had one thing left to say before you jumped off of a plane, not knowing if you’d be able to survive it, what would it be? “Never forget the Alamo!”
  9. What is your favorite scent? Lilac. Which I have not smelled in like forever. Damn.
  10. What is one thing you always have to have with you when you travel? I have an outfit that I always wear in planes, so that. Yoga pants, a tank top, and my Fordham sweatshirt. (Damn, I just made it mad easy for someone to find me in an airport.) Also, I always carry my current journal. I sound obsessed with my journals, don’t I?
  11. If you could re-do something in your life, if given that chance, what would it be? No regrets. (If forced to answer, I guess I would re-do the decision to go a tenth of a million dollars into debt for one year of schooling. But then again, that’s how I ended up here and I love here. So… no regrets.)
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One Response to The Liebster Award

  1. Kristine says:

    You got me at “Never forget the Alamo!” XD

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