Bad mood central

I’m in a very bad mood today for a very stupid reason.

The first stop of my America-trip this summer has been my hometown. It makes me feel very old to be back in the house that I grew up in. It’s harsh to see myself in the same mirrors I once saw a younger version of myself in…

I know that appearance is a very superficial concern to have. But I am still hugely concerned about it. Plus the Midwest is a superficial land, so people keep talking about how I look or how they look or how to improve looks or whatever. I don’t want to have to think about my appearance, damn it!

But I just looked up where to get a facial next week in New York. Because I do not like looking old.

The worst part is that I don’t feel old! I feel young and quick and spry. But then I look at myself and I think “oh lord, what have we here?”

Time to go sleep for ten hours and hope that does some damage to the aging process.

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