Last stop, Colorado

IMG_0924For the last portion of my trip to America, I was in Colorado.

It was surprisingly breathtaking. I know it shouldn’t be surprising that Colorado is breathtaking because everyone always talks about its beauty, plus I’ve actually been before and I know how beautiful it is. And yet, I was still surprised by the amount of breath that was taken away. Especially in those mountains. I would literally walk for five minutes and be winded. And before you tell me that’s because I smoke too many cigarettes, my friend who never smokes was equally winded.

Perhaps we are just a bit out of shape.

IMG_0956There was also a lot of splendid wildlife, like a herd of goats (or sheep? I can’t remember) that were just chilling on the sides of the roads. (Which were terrifying roads. My friend’s dad took great pleasure in freaking me out by driving far too close to the cliffs.) The goats/sheep were also very not afraid of humans or cars and had no problem coming right up to me as I was taking my gawking photographs. I am an urban girl, through and through, but I do also enjoy nature and wildlife, I remembered.

And the weed was rampant throughout my time in Colorado. Although to be fair, it was also rampant everywhere else I went in America. Here in the UAE it is highly illegal and nearly impossible to come by, but in America, it was offered to me on five separate occasions by different friends and I could have procured it easily anywhere. But nowhere else as easily as Colorado and its weed shops. You literally just walk into them and can buy a ton of different types of weed. No medical license necessary, you just have to prove you’re over 21. It blew my mind.

I don’t think I could ever live in Colorado though because I’m white and would not enjoy participating in its special brand of racism. Segregation is like whoa. I saw so many blonde people and very few non-white people. Because I am white. We also went to Boulder which made me queasy. They’re apparently attempting to create an exclusive community of rich white people who think they’re better than everyone else because they use solar energy. That is how I would summarize a brief explanation of their recent laws, given to me by someone who also said, “There’s only like 8% Republicans, how great is that?” I did not mention my Republican membership and diplomatically replied, “That is great for some people, yes.”

But overall I did really enjoy my time in Colorado and I will definitely visit again one day!

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