An emotional hangover

This morning I was reading this article about Syria and I literally started crying when I got to this quote:

Under the Mediterranean, on the bottom of the sea, another Syria exists, one that’s full of life: children kicking soccer balls, teens doing their homework, women cooking, men working, and the elderly sipping coffee. If you visit the bottom of the sea, you will discover another Syria.

It’s the epitome of why refugee situations are so awful. Because these are humans who could be living normal lives, just like us. I know Syrians here in Abu Dhabi who are living normal lives! And it’s disturbing that other Syrians can’t. That there is anyone on this earth who is denied the most basic right: a normal life.

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One Response to An emotional hangover

  1. Liv says:

    Well said. I used to wonder why so many boats capsize and now I know it’s because they are hardly boats, more like life rafts, and as many people squeeze onto them as possible. RIP.

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