Welcome to my irrational hopes and dreams for the future….

My boyfriend will move to Turkey as planned, but will somehow magically finish his degree in one year instead of two (or more, Lord help us.) He’ll move back here and work somewhere for a year, while I finish my contract. We’ll get married and be able to live together and I won’t have to miss him ever. And then, with my end-of-contract bonus in-hand, we’ll move to whatever land he irrationally, idealistically decides we should move to, where he will, against all foreigner odds, open a thriving business. I will raise our four children and visit him at the business. We will travel and our children will see exciting places and be beautiful and smart and worldly. And we will have friends in all the corners of the world, and never want for opportunities. And our children will move around the world and marry interesting people and have fantastic children of their own. And we will grow old together, content in what we have accomplished in all our years….

Cue dramatic, wistful sigh.

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One Response to Escapism

  1. BerLinda says:

    Dramatically, wistfully sighing with you!

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