Uphill battle

Today was a stressful day. Work has been full of stress. Not because of the students, who are just students after all, but because of adults. Dealing with adults is infinitely more complicated.

And there have been some delays in buying a car, to the point where my rental is done, but there is no car yet, so tomorrow I have to take the bus… the bus that comes earlier than necessary, gets me home later than necessary, and is filled to the brim with equally-stressed employees.

And then I tried to take a nap, but it failed miserably with all the stress rolling around in my brain.

So I showered, and settled in for some Internet to distract me. On my Tumblr, I follow some religious people who post inspirational religious stuff, and I paused to savor one that read: “There is reward in every tiny struggle you go through. Be patient, have faith and trust in Allah.”

And then the call to prayer went out, saying “Allah akhbar…..”

And I took a deep breath and agreed with the universe that all of this will sort itself out and there is no sense in worrying too long or hard.

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