IMG_1452I’ve been back in Abu Dhabi for a week now. Tanzania was beautiful. But it was also extremely hot, being summer and all that. I went from the snows of Istanbul to the extreme heat of Zanzibar. People also got sick. From the new germs, perhaps. Or from the heat and dehydration. I was only there for three night, but by the last day it was a struggle to get up and do anything. I was tired and it was hard to sleep in the heat and I probably didn’t drink enough water.

We stayed at a beach resort, which was of course beautiful for the pictures and relatively affordable once you made it there. But it also meant driving past all this poverty to stay in a manicured oasis. And one night we were talking to one of the waiters about weed prices and he was talking about how expensive it is. But when he quoted us the price, it seemed absurdly cheap to us. Because everything is relative.

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