Two more days!

Two more days of work, then I’m off to Northern Cyprus to see my boyfriend, hurrah!

I cannot wait. Work is torturously slow of late. But I put in my resignation this week, which was a lovely moment. I do wish I had my next job already lined up, but I’m moving to Cyprus either way. Or at least that’s what I’ve told so many people that I really do have to do it, lest I seem like a liar.

It’s terrifying. Such is life sometimes.

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5 Responses to Two more days!

  1. Kristine says:

    Wait, what?!! You’re moving?! Update please. And safe travels. ❤

    • mmarinaa says:

      That is the tentative plan. Long distance is not sustainable or enjoyable, heh, and he has to be in Cyprus for at least 1.5 more years, so it just makes the most sense for us if I move. I haven’t finalized anything yet, but it is the plan for next school year…

  2. Liz says:

    Is this the boyfriend you broke up with before due to…well, I don’t remember too well, but I thought you guys broke up? I haven’t been keeping up with people’s blogs (lives) lately, ’cause I’m a slacker. If you two worked things out and got back together, congrats. (If not, and this is a different one, also congrats. If I’m totally off on everything, my apologies!)

    I hope your traveling is safe, if/when you do make the move. ❤

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