No apologies

I never posted about Cyprus, oops. The reason is that within a week of me being back in Abu Dhabi, bae came here! So the past two weeks have been a blur of hanging out with him and his friends. I dropped him off at his house today and he’ll be spending today and tomorrow with his family. Because he hasn’t been home much, haha. Too busy with me and his friends.

He’s leaving in three days. And then it’s back to the long distance bullshit until July. Two months isn’t really that long, but it’s forever when you’re in love and he’s your favorite person to hang out with.

And then in August…. I’m supposed to move to Northern Cyprus. Which scares the shit out of me when I think about it. Largely because I don’t have a job there still. I interviewed at one school while I was there and it seemed like they wanted to hire me, but I haven’t heard back from them and don’t know when I will. But they’re my only hope at this moment. And while it’s possible that I could just move there in August and find something on the ground, I would far prefer to have something arranged before I start lugging my shit there and looking for an apartment, etc.

Today bae was like “I should have spent my time here looking for a job instead of just hanging out.” Because if he found a job here, he could move back and pay for a school here to finish his degree and I could continue at my better paying job and I wouldn’t have to move. But when he said it, I just laughed. Because we both know that would never happen. We just have to accept the situation for what it is. He will finish his degree there, I will move there, and khallas. It is what it is. Sa?

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2 Responses to No apologies

  1. Georgie says:

    Ah. 😦 It sounds like either way, something is going to have to give. It’s tough but as you said, you’re in love and there has to be some sacrifice. I really hope you find a job or that school gets back to you and wants you. It does sound scary to be jobless after moving, but I’ve heard quite a few success stories of people who have just left their lives and moved on, and were able to find something to pay the bills within a month of settling in. I am sure you will be one of them, if it doesn’t work out initially. Best of luck 🙂

  2. BerLinda says:

    I did the same when I moved to Berlin. They wouldn’t interview/hire until you were actually in the city. It’s scary but if you want to make it work, you will 🙂 And you’re in love which helps! I didn’t know a soul in the city and I’m still here 1.5 years later! Have faith 🙂

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