Life is good

Sometimes I hate the whole idea of blogging and sharing my life publicly because it is frightening, but today I agreed to get volunteer students from my classes to respond to letters from American students, and it was a reminder that the world is shrinking and communication is the key to making it a harmonious squish, amen.

I literally contemplate deleting this whole mess at least once a week. But narcissism propels it, I suppose.

This weekend is off to a roaringly successful start. I wish that I was wealthy enough to never work again. It’s such a downer, interrupting my happy times like it does. I’ve been trying to find joy in my job, but it’s a hopeless uphill battle with the skies on my shoulders ala Atlas. I know that I need to just accept that work is work and nothing more, but that is so lame. I’m conditioned by my American upbringing to believe that I need to enjoy work. Actually, ironically, I don’t think that’s an American thing at all. Americans expect to work hard. Arabs, on the other hand, are repeatedly shocked by the idea that work is work, haha. Sometimes I think I’m really an Arab.

I’m currently listening to Arabic music, so that’s probably the only reason why. But I just need to attempt speaking Arabic and khallas, that bubble is popped alatool. (Alatool means right away. I just Googled to verify how you would spell it phonetically and stumbled upon a hilarious Yahoo! ask about “atatool dugdug.” And I was like “omg I know this slang, haha.” But beyond that, I’m lost.)

Anyways, I have no point, but hi. I still have a blog. And this is also a reminder to myself to post about Cyprus already, jeez!

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One Response to Life is good

  1. Kristine says:

    I totally get you. There were times when I would question why I even bothered having a blog especially when I try to make it as anonymous as possible. And then I question why I don’t just keep a diary? But then
    I remember the community and friendships I have made through blogging… That’s probably the only reason why I still click “Publish.”

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