Tying those ends

Change is hard for people to handle. When laws change or processes change, it can be extremely difficult to get used to the new situation. Now, imagine you’re a country 44 years young and you’re still trying to figure things out and compete with the world, etc. Now imagine you’re the people in that country, trying to tie up all the loose ends of life during Ramadan, when everything has odd hours. Then imagine that they announce that Eid break is going to be the full week next week, even though Eid al Fitr isn’t predicted to be until Wednesday, so all public sector work, including any paperwork needed before travelling, will come to a complete halt after Thursday….

Inshallah, I’m done with all the things I needed to get done. With one notable exception: I never sold my car. However, I had to turn in my passport to get my visa cancelled before Thursday. And I won’t get it back until I am driven to the airport by my employer. And I need a passport to transfer my car registration to anyone who could sell it for me after I’m gone….

The day before yesterday, my roommate and I arrived at the place to cancel our Internet at 6pm to find it was closing. It was going to reopen from 9pm until 1am though. But we couldn’t do that, so the next day we went to a different Internet place around 3pm only to find that its hours were totally different and they’d been closed since 2pm, even though it is very much part of the same company….

It has been stressful tying up these loose ends. But I got paid today (they wouldn’t do that until I gave in my passport and ID, which I needed to do things such as cancel my Internet, so I was trying to cling to it as long as feasible) so now I’m more or less stress free.

And looking towards my future with all sorts of excitement. But that is a post for another day…

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