The future excitement

So I’m moving to Cyprus in like a month. Not the Greek side, the Turkish side, as I constantly have to tell people when they start to rave about Greek islands. And the Turkish side is a whole different story. So when I finally got a job there (hurrah!) and I saw the salary, I was not pleased (boo!) I think I was spoiled by the UAE though. Salaries here are muy bueno. And I know the system and how much I can get and which schools pay more and how much more they pay. I have no clue about the range of salaries in Cyprus. So I emailed back asking if it was negotiable. And he pretty much straight up said “Cyprus is poor. We can’t negotiate.” So I guess I’ll just have to be poor. And I’ll fit right in.

I say “so” too much.

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One Response to The future excitement

  1. Tiny May says:

    YAY! At least you will be with your boyfriend and won’t have to stress over your LDR. Will the salary be enough for necessities? If yes, then it’s not a big of a deal, but I can see where it hinders savings and retirement funding.

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