Ok time to be real

This past week I had off from work, thanks to Eid al Adha. Two days before the break, I finally realized that “bayram” meant Eid in Turkish, and thus, I’d be getting a week off. People had been repeatedly saying “next week is bayram,” as if that affected our teaching schedules somehow, but they were always vague about it and not even remotely as excited as they should have been knowing it was a week off. I thought it meant like a field trip or whole-school activities that would require me to be here and working.

When I finally connected the dots and realized bayram actually meant a week off, I grinned like a maniac and immediately booked a ticket to Abu Dhabi. Bae is still in AD sorting out his UAE visa, and I have zero friends in this land yet, so it was the obvious choice. Which basically means that I’ve spent as much time leaving Northern Cyprus as I have spent in it. And I spent most of that limited time in Cyprus being on summer vacation, aka hanging out doing a whole lot of nothing that counts as “real life.”

Tomorrow I go back to work. And I have to actually start teaching. And soon bae will come back and start going back to school. And vacation is over. And we will see what exactly this new “real life” is going to be in this new country with this new marriage situation….

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