End of Term

I’ve been very stressed out this past week. It’s because it’s the end of the term here. Which means reports. And since I’m a classroom teacher here, it’s a considerable headache. I had to grade exams in all of the subjects. And they were not easy to grade. And then I found out they hand-write the comments on the reports here… and have no electronic grading system to calculate final grades… and I’m sitting here with a blister on my pinkie, looking at my not-as-neat-as-it-should-be handwriting scribbled all over these reports, wondering why I had to waste four hours doing that and what exact number I should be putting down for the grade…

It’s not even done yet. But tomorrow it will be. And Tuesday we hand out the reports. And Wednesday I fly out of this freezing country occupied territory to visit the warm islands of Seychelles. Alhamdulillah.

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One Response to End of Term

  1. End of term is always such craziness. I hope you are enjoying your getaway! My favorite time to vacation is when it’s cold—can’t stand it!

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