Breached contracts

My principal told me like a week ago that I need to write a formal letter of resignation. (Even though she is obviously aware I’m leaving. And my contract is only a year long contract.) I’m still procrastinating it. (Obvi.) It’s going to be hard not to ooze sarcasm. I just find it frustrating that the ridiculous organization I work for thinks they deserve professionalism from its employees when they lack it so completely. If one party in a contract breaks said contract, the contract become null, doesn’t it? They have repeatedly failed to uphold their end of the contract. Repeatedly. So why on earth am I expected to treat them respectfully?

So I was bitching to a coworker about having to write that damned letter of resignation. And she warned me that the organization has successfully sued people who failed to give enough notice. And I am just constantly amazed by what a mob racket this “country” is. How can an employer who fails to compensate its employees (and is in fact famous for it) be taken seriously in court? How can they be successful against the employees they spent so long shitting on?

A different coworker, who’s been at this school for way too long, announced she was leaving after this school year and I wanted to stand up and slow clap for her so badly.

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