Novel likeness

Being back in Abu Dhabi has been everything I wanted and more. I stayed with one of my best friends for the first week, so that felt like coming home, although she was different-from-last-time in that she was 8+ months pregnant. (She just had the boy; he’s very cute and almost seems worth the horrific pain of labor she described.) Now bae and I are somewhat settled in our own place.

I have a social life again, which is fantastic. The first weekend I was back, a group of my old party friends, who I admittedly hadn’t spoken to at all in the past year, met up for a fantastic night out. It was as if no time had passed.

But at the same time, things are different. I’m married now. Most of my friends are also married or in equally committed relationships. There’s that new baby in the mix. I’m not going back to America this summer for my annual catch-up (due to lack of funds), so I’ve been making some effort to have catch-up convos with my people there. And I hadn’t spoken to many of them in 1+ years too. (It really was like I fell off the face of the Earth while I was in Cyprus, haha.) And they’re changing too. But still the same, in those little ways that people never change. And the shared histories and memories. And their quirks and my quirks.

Holding my friend’s baby was surreal because everything is new for him. And everything he does seems radically new, even though we’ve been doing it ourselves for ages. He blinks and we’re all like “Oh my God, did you even see that!” As if he’s just invented the movement or completely revolutionized it somehow. And he has, for himself, and we all feel that. Even though it’s just a blink.

I feel like that epitomizes life at this moment. Everything feels new, even though it’s the same old. Same city, same people mostly, same activities, and yet there’s something brand new about it all. I know it’ll wear off eventually, but it’s a nice feeling for the moment.

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One Response to Novel likeness

  1. Georgie says:

    Although I haven’t spent so long away from family or friends, I caught up with one of my friends recently and I hadn’t seen him in three years. It really was like nothing had changed. When I caught up with some friends a few months ago from high school, it was a while since we had a proper get-together, but even though so much had changed between us individually, we still remain good friends. It’s definitely a pleasant feeling when you can reunite with people and it’s like no time has passed.

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