Unpopular Opinions

So Virginia is happening right now. If you weren’t aware (as I wasn’t until this morning because I do not live in America anymore and the world doesn’t care about them like I do), Charlottesville has been having a lot of white supremacists protesting about the proposed removal of a historic statue. (Robert E. Lee, a general of the the Confederate Army, a convenient symbol of white power.) The protesters have been very rowdy and aggressive towards the counter-protesters. They’re gross and a symbol of everything wrong with America and and doomed to hell and a serious threat to non-white/non-men/non-cis/non-ablebodied/non-whateverIforgot people.

But it is also gross that there are people saying that those men should not be allowed to rally whenever their big rally is supposed to be. People are also trying to identify them. Presumably to harass them. And the jokes are flowing about hurting them. So perhaps they actually want to hurt them when they find them. Because an eye for an eye….

Makes everyone fucking blind.

I think my most unpopular opinion is that those men are misunderstood.

The problem with those men, as I see it, is that they lack any real perception of their place in the world. They honestly do not understand. Like they don’t see it at all. (See also people ironically quoting old Trump tweets about Obama that are now about him.) And nobody knows how to effectively explain it to them, so they try once or twice and then just move right on to hating them.

In my experience, you can’t really be told about your privilege. You need to experience it vicariously. Usually through a loved one. Like your Palestinian husband who lacks your everything, but is far more giving than you could ever be. I literally have more of everything than him, but I cling to it and hide it and protest loudly when he tries to inch a step closer towards any of it. Because I hate adulting and prefer to blame things on him rather than admitting that sometimes life just sucks. Because nobody wants to grow up and the world is a big awful place sometimes. Because I’m scared. Because I don’t know how to succeed without my privileges. Because I’ve never had to do it and the idea is frightening.

Because I am those men too.

So I guess what I’m saying is that all the people who want to stone those men need to get out of their glass houses and marry them.

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