Nothing left to use

I have a friend who once described me as a sponge. “Because you just soak up all kinds of knowledge,” she explained. And it was the most apt kitchen-related description of me that I’d ever heard. Soaking up information is my favorite hobby. I’m not talking about trivia information, necessarily. (I literally can’t remember the years of anything; I have looked up the years of World War II more times than seems possible.) But when I watch shows or read articles or books or whatever, I love to capture random tidbits of information and retain them and spew them out randomly. (I recently shared some IVF/egg freezing information that had been gathered from watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, for example. I especially enjoyed that sponge-moment because people judge me far too harshly for that guilty pleasure, heh.)

But recently… I’ve been disappointed. See, I’ve been trying to get back into blogging, which starts with finding new and interesting blogs to read! But I keep being disappointed. People keep saying the same things. Everyone wants to be a minimalist. And they also want you to listen to their podcast. And they can’t wait to share their bullet journal with you. But there’s no interesting way to say the key to financial success is to earn more, spend less. And nobody wants a s’more dip when you can just eat a s’more itself. And where have all the interesting personal blogs with hilarious retellings of life’s daily struggles gone? And holy hell, if I click on anymore clickbait shit that leads to paid subscriptions or buy my book or twenty popups before an article… I’ll cry. Just literally cry.

Basically, there is nothing to soak up anymore in the blog world, it seems. But I feel as though my life is becoming consumed by watching tv series in my free time, which can’t be healthy. So if you have any suggestions about blogs that have interesting things to share (and haven’t made their monetization overt and debilitating), please let me know so that I can be a sponge on the Internet again. I miss those days.

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2 Responses to Nothing left to use

  1. Georgie says:

    I feel you on this one. At the same time I feel I have almost become a victim of these new age blogging techniques. I miss when people rambled about their daily life but I also have that guilty pleasure of watching and reading “what people want me to watch and read”.

    I use my blog as self-promotion when it comes to my role in the world of tech. But otherwise, I do try to be as open as I can. I’ve stopped writing about the daily life because it has become a little mundane and I have more “topical” things to write about. There are bloggers I know who still write about what happens in their lives though 🙂 I feel like you already know them because I see your face in the comments sometimes.

  2. Tiny May says:

    I’m one of those bloggers that enjoy the personal-journal-type blogs… I lost the energy to do it myself because I’m focusing more on my health, and gawd we all know that’s a boring topic. There are too many wellness blogs around. I am glad to see you updating and hope you can do more of it when you feel like it. I keep coming back because you’re a few of those people that still blog about your life.

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