Writing that inspires writing

Bae and I are in a fight, which means I have ample free time as it is the weekend and he is not entertaining me. So I have been gorging on media. Which is ironic, because one of the things I gorged on was The End of the Tour, which is about David Foster Wallace who warned about media addictions. But also, how sad is it that he was not around for the Kardashians? I like to think he would have loved them as much as I do. Speaking of which, how fascinating is Mr. Kanye West Kardashian’s tweet storm? Anyhow, so after a segue into that, I read some negative review about how Segel did not at all portray Wallace well enough. (By a still-grieving friend who literally said “it hasn’t even been ten years yet.” …it had been nine when the movie was released, I believe. Would that one year have made the difference?) And that linked me to an article by Wallace’s other friend Jonathon Franzen about how he went to try out the whole Robinson Crusoe thing on the literal island it’s based on. And my first reaction was, “Damn, it would be nice to have editors who would pay for such a trip.” Which is of course an assumption by me, but Eat, Pray, Love made it clear to me that editors will finance some very expensive things for the sake of profitable writing.

Guess how many tabs I have open? The Internet is endless once you get into the right current. Or perhaps it’s because I’m hungover and I swear to you, I Googled it, and it is Internet-verified that it’s normal to be way more mentally alive during a hangover. I can stare at the Internet sans hangover and feel nothing tug me anywhere, but give me a hangover and I’m all over the place with excitement!

I was going somewhere with this… oh yes. The article. I love it because Franzen is way easier for me to read than Wallace ever was. (Although “This is Water” was so cute.) But throughout the articles and the movies and even the pop culture, I feel that all of it is meant to make us less alone.  And that’s something Franzen says that Wallace believed. So of course, shared belief, less alone, let’s all be writers and make everyone feel less alone! (Obviously I can’t be a writer beyond quasi-anonymous blogging. That would require a dedication and confidence that I could never cultivate. Plus the idea of fame is revolting. I literally just want the money that fame affords, but zero of the self-promoting it requires. Are there still famous anonymous writers anywhere? I wish.)

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