I’ve been back

I’ve been back in Abu Dhabi for… three weeks now, I guess? (I could look at a calendar, but that would ruin my flow.) My America trip was a big success. Smashing, really. But it was also extremely exhausting. On so many levels.

Two weeks before I left Abu Dhabi, bae decided to divorce me for the third and final time. (Under sharia, we cannot ever get remarried now. Well, actually we could, with penalty. The penalty being that first I’d have to marry and have sex with another man, then get divorced again, then we could remarry… he told me to read the Quran after he divorced me. I think he wanted me to find some loophole to get around that whole thing. I did start reading it, but I have yet to find the loophole.) As a result, I spent most of my socializing time in America catching people up on the last two years of our torrid marriage and divorces. I spent my alone time mostly crying.

It was good for me though. Because I am now thinking that I’ll move back to the States after this school year. So, I spent a lot of my time trying to reimagine my future and see what would work and how do-able it would be to reassimilate. And it’s do-able, maybe. I still have plenty of friends in NYC, plus I’d be a much shorter plane ride away from my other friends, so they might actually come visit me. (Americans don’t leave the country, I tell myself, to assuage my sadness that roughly zero people have visited me out here. Then they tell me about their Eurotrips and I’m like, oh I see how it is.)

I will definitely have to reassimilate though. America really is this little bubble of self-obsession, which is hard to deal with when you’ve lived outside the bubble for eight years. But I’ll get used to it again. I totally fell right back into watching horribly staged reality TV shows and pretending trips to museums are cultural. It’s still extremely jarring that everyone has an American accent, but I’d get used to it. And in a few months, I’d be just like everybody else. Except I’d have this juicy past that I’d dole out in little drips to potential suitors and new friends. “Ah yes, my exhusband used to wear that perfume.” “Ah yes, I loved the doner when I was living in North Cyprus.” “Ah yes, I’ve heard of Dubai, spent many a brunch there, once upon a time…”

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  1. I’m sorry about what happened with your ex-husband, and I hope that things get better from now on, whether you continue on in Abu Dhabi or go back to the States. I think that if you do go back, the work and experiences that you’ve gained from your work overseas could open several doors for you. And America does have its charms, despite the tense political climate right now.

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